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Everybody thinks their dogs are the best; we just happen to KNOW it! Take a moment to learn about our amazing team of Vizslas. Each has their own unique personality, but all of them are equally awesome!

Grace is from Sophie's second litter. She has many of her mother's characteristics when it comes to hunting and family life. She is the caretaker of the group. She also loves to torment Zeke. Grace is our quiet one of the pack. She loves to hunt and play, but is also very content to sit by us and watch the other dogs find trouble. With Sophie's last litter this summer, Grace was a terrific big sister and loved hanging out with the pups and taking care of them.

Zeke is our stud dog from Hungary. His mother was Hungarian Grand Champian and International Champion. He is definitely a good looking boy, but it is his personality that I love most. Zeke is a very happy dog and is always glad to be part of the team. His intensity is unparalleled whether he is hunting birds with us, or a chipmunk happens to let his presence known.


Sophie is from Sky's second litter. She has many of her mother's characteristics when it comes to hunting and family life. If we are not in the field Sophie will find plenty of birds in our pasture to fill her time. Sophie is very social and loves her family. She is good with people both young and old. Sophie likes to circle around the house to make sure nothing is amiss whether that is the UPS man coming up the driveway or a coat left outside in an unusual place.


Although now she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Sky was the reason for Red Sky Kennel. She was the most versatile dog we have ever had. Sky was a proven hunter. She loved to hunt all upland birds no matter the terrain. Sky would even sit with Harley and I in a duck blind and go into the water to retrieve ducks. If we weren't hunting that day, she would pair up with her best friends Willy and Sophie and would hunt grasshoppers, field mice, or anything else that crossed their path. Harley had also trained her to be somewhat of a herding dog. We used to have pack goats and have an occasional breakout. With a quick call to Sky, she would round up the escapee!


Chili is our fourth generation at Red Sky Kennel.  She is from Grace’s last litter.  She is growing as fast as she can, despite how I wish she could be little longer. Chili has an amazing personality and is an incredibly happy girl.  She is very busy keeping up with the “Big Dogs.”  She is very good at tormenting her mom and dad, especially when they don’t want to play with her.

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